Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Today, Holly and I took the kids to Target. Holly had just told me about this waitress that said anytime the kids outnumber the adults, its trouble.

So we were walking thru target with 2 carts and 4 kids. All the kids wanting to be on their own and walk around. All getting the gimmies at some point or another. Actually, everyone but Luke. He's such an angel, always along for the ride. I found a new carseat on sale, so that was in the cart. (Yes, a different one. The one I bought last week isn't working out. Hattie says she hates it). I was being really careful watching where I was going, until I ran into a man getting milk out of the cooler. He gave me a dirty look.

Holly and I got the giggles.

Then in check out, that man got into our line. But when he noticed us, he quickly went to another line.

It was really funny.

We are having a great time.


Scott said...

That man has probably never been married, and certainly never had kids!!! I find those to be the ones who don't understand!! I have been reading to the kids, "The Berenstain Bears Get The Gimmies". I had never heard of the "gimmies" before that book, and now I hear you say it. Either you have that book, or I am just sheltered. (Which, I'm sure you are already aware of, since I just discovered iTunes and downloading music!) :-) Stacy

Jen said...

i think it's just target that brings the drama. the two of you can handle anything - even 4 kiddos and a big carseat in the buggy!

Deborah Boitnott said...

Love the picture! I agree with Jen. Ya'll can handle those 4 plus a few more! mom