Sunday, March 2, 2008


I have never suffered from allergies. Jody hasn't either. But now I'm beginning to wonder about my boys.

Friday morning, very early (it was still dark) we heard Lukey crying and then we heard a strange noise. We listened and it kept happening. Jody went and got him and I think he was having an asthma attack! He was crying because he couldn't breath and the funny noise was his gasping.

Then early this morning Silas woke up crying. He said he couldn't blow his nose and his head was hurting.

Here are a couple of other things about it. Doesn't a cold come on a little more gradually? I mean there were NO symptoms before these 2 early mornings. Also, the weather has been changing. It got really warm, it rained and today it was SO windy (up to 40mph gusts!).

So, what do you think?


Anne said...

Emily -
Croup has totally been going around town - parainfluenza virus includes cold symptoms as well as funky breathing noises and barking cough - my kids had it 2 weeks ago - best thing is to humidify and get them out in the cold air for a few minutes if they can't breathe. Try it!
Anne Dahmen

The Reeds said...

As they say in Uganda "So sorry for you!". I have allergies and they almost ALWAYS accompany the things you said. Weather changes (things thawing, coming into bloom) and ESPECIALLY the wind.. It brings in who knows what from who knows where.. Sorry for your boys... (serious sorry- not the 'sorry for you!' sorry).

Karen said...

ALL three of my boys have breathing issues when they are sick... in fact I may need to take Hayden in again soon. His asthma cough is so bad he gags when he has an attack that he's thrown up 3 times.

Peggy said...

Yeah, I agree with your friend, Anne. It sounds like croup to me. Humidity is the MOST important thing you can do to relieve those symptoms. The dryness from winter and the furnace going all the time is so hard on respiratory systems. And it's a virus, so don't let a doctor put your kids on antibiotics for that. The coughing, wheezing, barking will always be the most significant at nights. (Unfortunately!) I hope everyone feels better soon. Love you!

Tasha Via said...

Okay, this is too weird. I hope between our readers we can get some answers!!!

Anonymous said...

If it happens again, try opening your freezer door and let the child breathe in the cold air or if it is cold outside taking them outside to breath. It should help (this is per my MD and my own personal experience with the crouP)