Friday, March 14, 2008

Trudging right along

We are VERY busy tying up ends, packing boxes, trying to keep hands out of boxes, etc.

My wonderful mother-in-law came into town yesterday. The kids have been SO excited. She brought some little presents and candy and lots of attention. We packed all afternoon. And even though she hurt back in the Fall, she's a real trooper. I have to make her do sit down jobs, and she's obeying nicely, most of the time.

Luke had an 18month check up today. He has a double ear infection...poor baby. I felt very bad. But he's on antibiotics now. My sister mentioned how wonderful that we f0und out today and he's on the meds before we get on the plane. It was our Dr's birthday, and Luke told her "Haaappy Dir-day" and showed off his v0cab skills. It was pretty funny. I was looking in Silas's baby book tonight and he and Lukey are very similar in size at this age. Luke is a little taller, but weight is almost exactly the same.

I made the famous "Gussie Burgers" (Jody's "aunts" family recipe) for supper tonight and the Stephens' joined us. if I hadn't packed my blender away already I would insist on milkshakes. Oh well.


Shaleen said...

Ok....gotta ask - what exactly is a gussie burger?

Karen said...

You'll have to post the Gussie buger recipe on our new blog!