Friday, March 7, 2008

You should all be glad to know the packing is coming right along. My friend Lisa came on Wednesday and we got all the linens and games packed. Then Stacy came today and we got all the breakables, frames and pretty much all of Hattie's room packed. I know I wasn't very inspirational or helpful. But man am I proud of all the taped up boxes.

Last night Jody took us all to Red Lobster for supper. Aunt Joy had given us a gift card at Christmas and this seemed like the perfect time to use it. The kids LOVED it and I did too. A night off?? Who wouldn't?

Oh, one other thing. The library was having their big sale this week. I just COULDN'T pass it up. Besides, what's one more box of books to pack? I was so proud of my stash. I had a backpack and a grocery sack full...all for $21.25. As I was unpacking the treasures I sorted them into: some for now, some for traveling and some for when we are in SC. I also found out that I accidentally stole a scratch pad (big one) from the little old lady who was racking up the totals. WHoops. :) One more thing to pack, I guess.

Tomorrow I have to make tons of cupcakes. We are having a combined birthday party, or as they call it, "The Double Birthday", for Hattie and Silas on Sunday. We are expecting around 20 kids at the Mandan Community Center for swimming. Whew.


Anonymous said...

That's funny. Heather and I went to Red Lobster last night too, and we talked about you guys moving. Funny stuff!!!


Karen said...

Make a wish for me too... It's my b-day as well!