Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Party's over

Now that the birthday party is over, the kitchen is closed...almost. I packed up the kitchen aid, toaster, muffin tins, spices, cookbooks, and most of the other kitchen stuff. This is VERY hard for me. I hate fast food and prepared meals. It just seems so unhealthy to me. (It is.) But its necessary in order to pack it all up.

I have a few more meals planned before we totally switch to disposables.

We are going to our last MOPS meeting tomorrow. I will really miss my group. I've made several great friends and have tremendously enjoyed the meetings, looking forward to each one. (Especially the GREAT breakfast that I didn't have to fix).

Stacy's coming over again tomorrow afternoon to motivate me and help pack. We are getting boxes packed slowly.

Our van hasn't sold yet and I'm getting worried. Jody and I decided to sell it because it has pretty low mileage and is still under warranty at KIA. So I got tickets for Hattie, LUke and myself. Now the van hasn't sold and I"m SWEATING. What if it doesn't sell?? Jody is driving the moving truck and the van (we are told) is too heavy to tow. Jody says not to worry, he still thinks its going to sell. I pray he's right. (Pray with me??)

Now that the kids are down for the night, I am going to work on birthday thank you notes.

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Stacy said...

Put a For Sale sign in the window. I'm sure many people just don't know about it being for sale!