Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Double Birthday Party.


We had a WONDERFUL day. After church and a very quick lunch we were ready for the big party for Hattie and Silas. We headed over to Mandan (just across the Missouri River). Including my 3 kids we had 22 kids at the party. Jody led them in some games while everyone was coming in. Then we had cupcakes and snacks. Silas blew out his candles before "Happy Birthday" ever started. Hattie was so proud in her favorite purple dress. After that we went swimming. Yes, it was an INDOOR pool.

Everyone had fun...I think. Silas and Hattie were SO happy that all of their favorite people came. Several kids from Silas's preschool class, 2 families from church, a friend of mine from MOPS,and 2 other families that are close friends, the Stephens and the Baltrusches. (thanks Stacy and Jen for all the extra hands and brains.)

Luke was his usual happy go lucking self. ALthough he thought he could swim and did NOT want me to hold him in the water. He kept saying, "I swim".

They both were SO pleased with their gifts. Silas got 2 new webkins and Hattie got one. Plus transformers, My Little POnies, art stuff, fleece blankets and lots of other great things.

Even though the time change confused Silas at bed time tonight, I really didn't have any complaints from the kids because they were SO tired. It was a great day.


Karen said...

It looks like fun!

Tasha Via said...

Hattie Ruth and Silas look so much alike now=) So cute!