Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Luke the comedian

I just have to share how FUNNY Luke has been lately.

When he's doing something he likes you can hear him say "awesome" over and over.

Today I asked him what he wanted for lunch (I haven't gone to the store to implement some of your good ideas) and he said without a second thought, "Ice cream".

Stacy loves this one - in true southern style when you ask him a question his affirmative answer is: "yes ma'am."

He calls his sister "Hattie Ruse"

He LOVES webkins and he will point his little finger at the mouse and say, "My turn, I click".

He is really into singing "Haaappy Dir-day".

When he is sad or hurt he will blame people. For instance, "Bubbie (Silas) push me" or "Hattie Ruse hit. Hattie Ruse trouble. Hattie Ruse spankin".

Wish you all could enjoy the little entertainer.

And THANKS for all the good lunch ideas. Its always nice to bring fresh choices to the table.

1 comment:

Stacy said...

Yes ma'am is my absolute favorite! I can't wait for Scott to hear him say it. I think he still doesn't believe me that he said that to me! :-)