Monday, March 31, 2008


This is where we are living, just across from the NGU campus.

Pretty Easter Girl

Aren't the curls adorable??

I love this one. ITs all about the anticipation, you know?

This is the second candle lighting.

I almost gave up...ugh. My computer kept dropping the connection. But I was determined to get some new pics on here.

We visited Tigerville Elementary. Silas will go to kindergarten there. Its such a nice little school. The assistant principal gave us tour. Silas has asked several times when is August 19th.

And a message to all our ND friends - we miss you guys so much.


Stacy said...

What a cute little house!! I want to see pics of the inside too! Man, did Lukey's hair grow more since you've gone? :-) Did you find the box of books yet? Or your clock?

Anne Dahmen said...

You take the most beautiful pictures, Emily! Love the one of Hattie the Easter girl - what a beauty!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anne, you do take great pictures, but you have the best models to take also---my grandchildren!! They were super pics! Thanks for sharing. Love you all!!!! Judi

Jen said...

where is this house close to campus? it looks so familiar, but i can't seem to remember exactly where or which one it is. every one of those houses was named after someone when we were there! i'm so happy for ya'll and know you're going to be an asset to the alma mater!

Anonymous said...

Abbie informed me that when she starts kindergarten she is going to hang a picture of your kids up in her locker. I told her I don't think kindergarten kids get a locker:)

Morgan said...

Glad to see part of NGU again, and much more happy that you guys will are ministering there! It is the best place on the planet....I just know it is!

Anonymous said...

WE miss you too! Ella continues to ask when she can see "Pattie"! While it would've been great to see you guys again, I'm glad I didn't! Then it isn't really goodbye, just see ya later! Becky