Saturday, March 29, 2008

Home again home again jiggety jig

To all my faithful readers :), sorry I haven't posted very often this week. I will do better this week, I promise. I wrote this post LAST NIGHT and got kicked offline and never could get back on. So here is yesterday's post.

Whew. We made it.

Thursday I rode up to VA with the kids and my parents. We met Holly and her her 2 boys on the way. We spent 2 nights with one of my grandmothers. We visited to other one in the nursing home. (She is recovering and hoping to move back to her assisted living apartment soon).

With 5 kids just barely under 5 (since Silas just turned 5), there were few dull moments, if any.

Jody did some more unpacking, and he did an amazing job. I am SO thankful and proud. He picked us up in Charlotte today in our "new" car. We love it, its a gas-guzzling suburban, but its super nice.


Stacy said...

I hope that puppy doesn't have a 42 gallon tank like ours did! It cost a small fortune just to fill it up!!! Good luck!

Tasha Via said...

We need pictures of the new house, you know...when you get a free minute=)