Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I was so tired last night I didn't even get to blogging. So, its a day late, but:

Happy Birthday Silas

5 years ago a friend in our seminary neighborhood put notes on all our neighbors' doors that said this:
Phoebe Joy turned out to be a boy, mom and baby are doing well.

I still laugh when I think about it. My entire pregnancy was based on expecting a daughter. Pink everything. What a shocker when Silas Hawkins entered the world...not in the least a girl.

Silas has had tons of adventures with us. We took him to Uganda when he was not quite 6 months old. It was hard to break him of being naked when we moved back to the states. He is a delightful and smart little boy. We are so proud of him and his sensitivity to Jesus.


Jerre said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILAS!!! Those big brown eyes are still beautiful! What a wonderful, handsome young man!!

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday Silas! We miss you!

Tasha Via said...

What a cutie. I remember that day!! You were smart though, not unpackaging everything so you could return it, "JUST IN CASE"!

Jen said...

i think about your thinking you were having a girl often! i guess you could've somehow turned your lady bugs into man bugs or something :o) happy birthday silas!!

Rachel Rondon said...

Oh, I remember the day well! I remember finding out that yall had the baby, and Jose and I came over and I asked, "How is our little Pheobe Joy?" and then Jody laughed and said, "She is Silas Hawkins!" We all laughed and just gazed at the handsome little boy! Because of you, we did not believe that Victoria would be a girl until we actually saw her with our own eyes! Happy Birthday, Silas!

Becky M. said...

I just had to let you know that Abbie really misses your kids. The other night after her prayers she started to cry. She than boldly told me that Silas will always be in her heart.