Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lunch Options

You know how you sometimes just get into a funk with not even being able to think of things to add to your menu? With 3 little ones it gets kind of monotonous.

Here are some of our normal things:

Peanut Butter sandwiches
hot dogs
macaroni and cheese
leftovers (which are usually NOT welcomed)

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem. Today I gave them frozen Tyson chicken tenders and they loved them .. they also like corn dogs. I usually give them fruit with lunch and veggies with dinner. btw, sorry I missed your call today. I was in Bible Study.
Talk to ya soon!

Stacy said...

I too have the same problem, only I have the problem with supper as well as lunch! I'll be looking for some ideas! :-)

Shaleen said...

Here's one of our regular dinners: grilled smoked turkey sausage (kind of like kielbasa) and whole wheat egg noodles w/ smart balance and salt. I usually serve it w/ asparagus -- I don't know if your kids will eat that. Sometimes instead of smoked turkey sausage I'll do those chicken and garlic or chicken and apple sausages and grill them. It's easy, tasty and relatively healthy.

Shaleen said...

oops sorry - I just realized that your topic was LUNCH...I gave you a dinner....my bad.

Shaleen said...

what about quesadillas? Tyson makes that pre-grilled chicken strips and then just add cheese and veggies. You can cook those in whole wheat tortillas.

GE is me said...

Your house sounds like our house for lunch. I also do the occasional grilled cheese sandwich, chicken nuggets, fish sticks if you aren't in a hurry & my new favorite, although I don't usually let the little ones have it(just because it's messy, hot & I'm selfish with my fluff)- grilled pb & fluff. Yes, I know it sounds weird. It took me a little while to warm up to the concept- but let me just tell you it is YUM!

Anonymous said...

have you ever tried little homemade pizza's on english muffins...i do that for myself sometimes and the kids can help!


Anonymous said...

You could to BBQ pizzas (chicken, cheddar cheese and BBq sauce on tortillas. Also PB and bannana. You can also put chicken and cheese in crossaints.


Mylinda said...

My boys just love the little tortillas, so we fill 'em with all sorts of stuff and roll 'em up. We put in pb & j, mayo w/ ham & cheese, and sometimes leftover chicken (shredded) with ranch dressing. We just roll those up and they're really easy to handle. Also, my friend puts cheese sticks in and rolls them and then heats in the microwave. Haven't tried that yet, but it sounds good. :-) Oh, sometimes I cut up hot dogs and mix them with mac and cheese.

Peggy said...

First of all, what is "fluff"?

One of our favourite lunches, came from a good friend of ours. It's a littel weird, but my kids beg for it and the kids I babysit love it too. It's tomato soup served over noodles. I boil the noodles (use whole wheat if you're feeling the need to be extra healthy), while the tomato soup is heating in another pot. Then, fill bowls with noodles and ladle some soup over top. It's surprisingly good! I always serve this with baby carrots and sliced cucumbers.

Another favourite is tuna melts. I make open face tuna sandwiches, with cheese slices on top. Then, I stick them under the broiler for a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend is 19 years old and he still asks me to make him his favorite lunch from when he was a kid. You melt a little bit of butter in a pan over medium or medium-low(I suppose cooking spray would work too), throw in a tortilla, spin it around to coat it, flip it over. Then take a slice of cheese, fold in half, and lay the pieces across the center of the tortilla. Wait for the cheese to get a little bubbly, and slide it out onto a pan. Give it a minute to cool and then roll it up. I've always wanted to try it with shredded cheese and some chicken or tuna but have never tried it. They're called "rolie-polies."