Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Clock

Today was a long day for me. Not bad, but just one of those days. One of those that I look at the clock and I'm like, what, only 4 minutes have passed??

When I was walking out the door, I grabbed my cell phone just to see it had totally died. I never heard the warning noises. I took Silas to school, took Hattie and Lukey to child watch and exercised. I picked up Hattie and Luke and we watched Silas swim. We went to the post office and ran a couple other places. We picked Silas up, went home and ate lunch. I took a shower while they all napped/rested and cleaned the kitchen. And then we headed to Silas's speech class. No one wanted to leave the gym there and then both Silas and Hattie had to poop. SO I went back and forth b/tw the girls and boys restrooms and Luke in the hallway. We finally got home, got supper made while visiting with my neighbor Megan and her son Tommy. Silas and Hattie took the usual forever eating their food as if they are being tortured. Luke screamed b/c we couldn't keep the food on his tray before he shoved it down.

I look at the clock and thought, it much be almost time for Survivor and bedtime, and it was only 6:15. I thought this day would never end.

But it has, and I'm happily relaxing.


Kelly said...

Days like this are so hard! Dinner time sounds similar in our houses...there is nothing worse to me than slow eating kids on an already slow day! I feel for you!

Mama Emly said...

Yes, I too remember when I thought the days were long and naps too short.