Thursday, April 26, 2007


Thursdays are kind of hard for me. Silas has school in the morning (while he's at school, I exercise and run some errands) and speech therapy in at 3:15 in the afternoon. So between picking Silas up from the Y and getting him to speech, I try to get lunch and naptime in.

Today our apartment building (yes, we are still in the apartment...we are waiting on the bank for this and that) was testing smoke alarms. LOUD beeping at odd intervals until 1 pm. It seemed like it would NEVER end. Jody had been at home on the computer in the morning (we weren't here) and he said it started 10:30. I didn't want to lay the kids down until it was over. With every beep, Hattie said, dat too yowed.

For some reason, on Thursdays, Hattie and Luke don't go right to sleep. I'm tapping my toe for them to fall asleep b/c we have to leave the house by 2:50.

I rush to take a shower and get dressed. Then I let Silas up from his "rest" . I get him ready to walk out the door and I get Hattie and Luke up.

We rush out the door and get to speech. Then we wait around, play at the playground or somewhere until Silas gets done.

Today we were invited to play at a playground after speech so we went. Anyway. You don't want to hear the rest...I just so happy the kids are all asleep for the night.

I made a really good supper, I'll have to post the recipe. Mini-BBQ meatloaves. Mmmmmmm.

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