Wednesday, April 11, 2007

True Bowel Movements

****Notice to readers, this is a little gross, you may not want to read today****

In our home, the last 2 days, bowels have been moving, and in other places than to the toilet.

Silas woke up Tuesday and had diarrhea. But after waiting it all out, we decided he wasn't sick, he could go on to school. No fever, no other episodes, he was fine. I told him that if he felt bad at school, just to tell the teacher and she'd call me and I'd come get him.

I had no sooner than dropped him off and was taking Hattie and Luke to the child watch at the Y so I could go exercise when one of Silas's teachers found me in the bathroom washing Hattie's hands. She said, you need to come back, Silas is sick.

Well, apparently, Silas walked up to his teacher and said, "Now Kaffy, I have diarrhea. If my tummy hurts, I may need to run to the bathroom and call my mom". So, I explained to her what had happened and she said he could stay unless he got sick again.

He was FINE, until last night. Jody went to put the pacifier in Luke's mouth at about 11:30 and he said, I think Silas pooped in his sleep. Sure enough, it was GAG-Nasty. I won't go into the details. But I had to throw a book in the trash and strip the bed while Jody cleaned Silas up.

Then today...Silas is FINE. So is everyone else. But then this happened....

Hattie always poops in the potty. Its great. No yucky diapers anymore from her. So she was pooping privately, like she always does when I hear, "Mama, I have di-RE-ah." I go running. Don't worry, she didn't have diarrhea, but she had sat on her little potty chair without the potty part and had proceeded to poop in the hollow part of the potty.

Ugh. Gross. She said, "I so sorry mom." I of course told her it was fine, not her fault , etc.

I hope all the bowels get straightened out here.


Scott said...

Oh man, that stinks (literally!) Emma did that same thing when we were in Iowa for Christmas. She did it in her sleep, and my goodness, did it ever stink! Had to strip the bed, get her in the bathtub, etc etc. It was awful!! I blamed my Mom, for feeding her 4 kiwi fruit in one setting, and how do I know it was her fault, well, you wouldn't believe the number of seeds that were everywhere, along with her di-RE-ah!!! YUCK! Good luck! Stacy

elliesmommy said...

Ugh! I don't know how you do what you do everyday with 3 kiddos so young?!? Sometimes I lose my mind with one. Anyway, I wish I knew your secret. Ellie will pee in the potty, but not poop. She says, "No thanks, mom. Get me diaper, please." Of course I don't and I watch her like a hawk to see when she starts straining, then I snatch her up and go put her on her potty to finish, but she won't do it on her own.

sethdean said...

is this really the only thing you can post about? I mean its cool and all but really?????????? :)

Jane-Jane said...

And I thought I have had a bad week!