Friday, April 27, 2007

Kraft Magazine

I don't know, maybe everyone already knows this, maybe not.

Kraft puts out a free quarterly magazine called Food and Family. My mother-in-law, Judi, and my sister-in-law, Jerre both had the magazine last summer and I read it. To subscribe click here. It is FULL of great (pretty) easy recipes, using different kraft foods. I love it.

Last night I made these, Marvelous Mine-Meatloaves. I made the BBQ rendition, I'm sure the other kinds are great, but my family LOVES BBQ sauce for some reason. They were VERY easy and not very time consuming either. Hattie and Silas each ate one of the mini-meatloave. If you know my kids at all, that's pretty amazing for them to even eat meat. Jody just raved. It was funny. He thinks I should open a restaurant. I'm like, yeah, in all my spare time, right dad?? (My dad always asks me what I do in my spare time)

I do love to cook. I love looking thru cookbooks and magazine like Southern Living for recipes. I always tweak them, but that's half the fun...

Oh, what I did different to the BBQ mini-meatloaves was I used fresh minced garlic. That makes a huge difference to me. I served them with mashed redskinned potatoes.

Anyway, we enjoyed it. Just thought I'd share the love.


Judi said...

Sure glad you found this magazine and tried out a recipe! They really do have some good food ideas! (By the way, Jerry just set me up MY own account so now I can leave a message under my own name!!! YEAH!) I love you! JUDI

rindy said...

I love that magazine!! great ideas!

I clicked onto your blog from..well, not sure I remember...a comment from somewhere (D-Plum?)...anyway..enjoying looking around!!