Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sippy Cups

I love sippy cups. What an amazing invention. It makes my life so much easier in so many ways. I rarely clean up spills. I can give Silas and Hattie cups and walk away.

But there are 2 things that are not good about them.

One: I wonder, are my kids EVER going to understand what it means to use a cup that CAN spill?? We are trying...and failing. I remind them to put the sippy cups up near the top of their plates, not at the edge of the table where elbows congregate. They don't get it. We use cups without tops at least one meal a day and they are getting better, but they don't get it. I read one time to never put more in a glass than I was willing to clean up. That's not much, let me tell you. I put like 2 sips in a cup without a top when I hand it to Silas or Hattie. Ha.

Two: When you "lose" one of the sippy cups, which often roll up under the couch or don't get taken out of the diaper bag or car it is NASTY. Ugh. Its like making your own liquor (if its juice) or curds (if its milk). Enough to make you throw up or consider throwing the cup away.

This happened to me today, but it is a normal occurrence. Just a look into my world.


elliesmommy said...

I know exactly what you mean! I found one with milk in Ellie's closet one day?!?

Scott said...

Is that the sippy cup you had been looking for when we were at your place a couple weekends ago? LOL!

Kelly M. Parkison said...

Hi Emily,

I have been reading your's and Holly's blogs. They are hilarious. I am due in about 4 weeks with a little boy. I can't wait to experience the things you both write about. I hope you and Jody are well and come visit us at NGU when y'all are in town!