Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy Windsssday

Silas says its a nice day to fly his kite. Its very windy here, but I love the sound of the wind. Its so powerful, it reminds me of God. How powerful he is and yet we can't see him. I love it.

Today I rushed to get everyone ready so we could make it to the Library in time for storytime. I am always in a hurry. We were running late like always. As we passed the YMCA I saw my friend Stacy's car and thought, hmm, it is Wednesday, right Emily?? Weird, she's always at the library on Wednesdays. Then we got to the library and there were practically NO cars. No daycare vans, no school buses. I thought, is anyone at story time??

No. NO one was. I don' t know why. I hate that I rushed out for no reason.

So we went to the grocery store. The kids were pretty good. No meltdowns. Luke slept thru the whole thing. We got everything we needed and more. We finally found quick cooking barley. I wanted to try Holly's recipe and another one I've had, but I've had the hardest time finding barley.

We came home and my friend Lisa and her 2 girls came over for lunch. We made these. Silas loved it so much he didn't want to mess it up by eating it. He cried. It was kind of funny.

Ok. Naptime is over, I need to play with Legos and comfort Luke. He just woke up.


Jed said...

I love the snails... Maybe my class can make them... Are they expensive to make?

Mama Emily said...

Shana read your blog and says you're a very good writer. I say you're a very good mommy. love mom