Thursday, April 5, 2007

Movin' on Up

We are set to start moving to our new house in about 10 days. The cabinets and floors are currently being installed. Lights and plumbing are next on the list. We are SO excited. Sorry I don't have pics to post yet (Nicole), I haven't been over to take any, but I'll try to.

Today I spent the morning trying to de-clutter the kids rooms. They look SO good...if I do say so myself. Silas even noticed when he got home from school. We are hoping that someone will be interested in renting our apt so we can get out of our lease a month early. So I'm trying to make it look more appealing when someone does come.

For those of you that are praying for us: PRAY A RENTER WILL TAKE OUR APT MAY FIRST. If no one rents it, we will have to pay rent and mortgage in May.

Tomorrow is going to be our Easter craft day. The kids are very excited to dye Easter eggs and make some jello. I found a cute marshmallow bunny I think we are going to try on Kraft Foods. I'll have to take pics and post them tomorrow.

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Judi said...

Em, Be sure you do go to to check out Easter Desserts. I looked today and they have a cute bunny cake and also bunny pudding desserts. I may try to make the pudding for the Jones kids if they get to come down. Be sure to take pics and let us see! I love you. JUDI