Monday, April 2, 2007

Daddy's HOME

You have never seen happier kids than when Daddy came home. It's just so sweet. They were jumping up and down when they saw him coming toward the doors. Even Luke wiggled and laughed at his tall daddy and reached up towards Jody. Even some of the bystanders "ahhed". This one guy said to me, "That's just awesome."

Silas was amazed at the baggage claim. He looked adorable riding on Jody's suitcase on the way to the car. Hattie kept saying "my daddy come home". Luke joined in the talking with his baby blabbing. (So much for a quiet child, he can "talk" along with the others. We rarely have quiet moments these days.) We are all so happy.


Jeffrey said...


Glad to hear that Jody made it back.

Jane-Jane said...

praise God for safety while traveling!