Sunday, February 17, 2008


I am always amazed at the wind here. When we walked out of the building after church the wind had picked up tremendously. Hattie still LOATHES it. I imagine that she feels like she will blow away. I would if I weighed 24 lbs!

We ate lunch with some friends at A&B pizza and after that is was even more windy. Like 40mph! We had to drop Jody back off at church because he needed to do a couple things. When he got out of the van some papers whipped out of the door and the wind blew them completely over the church building and they disappeared. I have no idea what the papers were. Maybe directions or something like that. I doubt they were important.

I did notice, Stacy, that I still have your neighbor's map from delivering Meals on Wheels. That didn't blow out of the car, so I'll just get that back to you before it does blow out. Ha!!

I don't know, but I just love the wind. It reminds me of how powerful God is. How although you can't see it coming, or where its going, is so strong and powerful, just like God.


Karen said...

I LOVE the wind... well I love it when it's breezy and semi-warm anyway... not like right now. Bitter cold and about to blow out a window!

Stacy said...

That's funny that you mentioned that map. I had Scott and Gage working on a Cub Scout activity tonight which was to read a community map with your adult partner. Scott asked me where our map was like that, and I told him I didn't know, then remembered the one of my neighbors and wondered if you still had it! ;-) Thanks!