Saturday, February 9, 2008


Yesterday we were out. We were going to a valentine's banquet with our friend Scott and Stacy. Silas had a birthday party. Then we had about 30 mins to kill.

We had a card to mail. The mail doesn't go out until 6pm at the main PO. So, Jody ran in to buy a stamp.

No stamp machine. But there was a sign that said: For your convenience you can purchase stamps at Staples, Dan's SUpermarket, Wells Fargo and US Bank.

I was like 5:50. So we go to the US Bank pull up and they looked at Jody with this strange look, (mostly having to do the the accent) and said, uh, no we don't sell stamps. We went over to Wells Fargo Bank and pulled up to their teller. She said, we do sell stamps, over at the ATM.


We then wait in line, 4 cars deep, to buy stamps out of the ATM with the credit card. Isn't that funny? They came out like a dollar bill and cost about 9cents extra. What a rip off. BUt we needed the stamp and we met the postman as he was emptying the mail for the night.


Oh, and btw, we had a great time at the Valentine's thing. Scott's duck wrapped in bacon appetizers were the best.


Kathy said...

You mean someone thought Jody's accent was funny?? Okay, now I really want to hear some North Dakotans someday. You wouldn't believe it but at least a couple times a month people ask me where I'm from...I'm talking about people who are from other countries asking me, an Anglo. I just say, "I'm from here, where are YOU from?"

MAWMAW said...

We don't have trouble with stamps here in Hawkinsville, Ga, but something even more crazy---the post office CLOSES on Thursday afternoon!!! I think that is the craziest thing ever! Try to stay warm! We love you!!! JUDI