Friday, February 22, 2008


I LOVE clearances. I feel like I am beating the system.

Today we went to Target. I noticed 3 cars parked at the entrance just loading there cars with merchandise. I was like, huh, wonder what they are buying. Then I ran into a friend of mine from MOPS (Anne). She had a cart full of stuff and said there was a big clearance section in the back and the stuff is going fast.

Well, it was almost gone, but I got some GOOD stuff. I wish I would have went there first. I got a set of salad plates for $5, cool mugs for $2...I was hoping that target.come would have the same 75%, but they don't...yet. I'm going to keep checking.

Ryan's parents are here for the weekend. He's being ordained on Sunday. SO we had them over for dinner tonight. I think my kids were a little loud and rambunctious. Actually, I know they were. BUt they went to bed like usual and then we enjoyed some adult conversation.

Tomorrow I'm going SCRAPBOOKING. YAY....I can't wait.

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Tasha Via said...

Ahh, the wonderful clearance rack!!!