Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Third Child

I am a first born. One of 3 girls. So, my observations about what I'm about to blog about may not be accurate.

Whenever something happens to Luke, like if he falls down, someone will inevitably comment, oh, poor 3rd born (MOM, its usually you). I admit, I don't run to him like I did with Silas, most likely. Sure I let him eat stuff that fell on the floor. Maybe his diapers are a little wetter than they should be. But I don't think these are bad, poor Lukey things.

With Silas I was extremely strict with naps. I tried futilely to keep that morning nap. I would NOT go somewhere if it was going to interfere with his nap. But now with Luke, we have so much more going on. I have been waiting for him to drop the nap, to where he doesn't need it. What kid wouldn't love to stop taking a nap? ( I know my other 2 would love it if I did that to afternoon naps)

Luke is free to do pretty much whatever he wants. He plays, goes up and down the steps...I think he's pretty lucky. He has 2 older siblings to play with. He has very laid back parents.

I think Luke is FUNNY and well adjusted and easy going. Third child-ness certainly has its benefits.


GE is me said...

Emily, I know this is totally not on what you posted, but just had to comment. I absolutely love the title of your blog. Of late I think my girls will turn into M&C with how much they ask for it & how much I allow them to eat it.
I'm just envious that I didn't come up with the name first. :)
When & where are you moving?
God Bless, -Gail

Karen said...

So funny you posted that.. Wyatt is right now pulling pans out of my cabinets and pretty much doing what he wants! (Not that He doesn't ever get in trouble!) I guess I'm realizing what's a big deal and what's not!

Jerre said...

So for me, its the 4th child. Colson is unlike any of my other kids. He gets away with stuff, he stays up later, you name it. He is also my most easy going, go with the flow, and everyones favorite. My 3rd child was a girl, so I guess that messed up the theory. Anyway, love ya

jerry.jennings said...

Lukey: You are unbelieveably so blessed and fortunate-----your mom and dad finally got it right with you. Silas and Hattie would never have gotten by without that nap. And you know the food does taste better off the floor. I can attest to that. I do it all the time. Anyway, Luke, just take it from pop pop Jerry, the third child is a charm. And with those blue eyes, you can get away with almost anything. You take care, and give Mom and Day a hug every now and then: it'll be worth it!

Stacy said...

I am the 5th born, and my older sisters would probably have a lot to say about how Mom was much more strict with them than they were with me. In my opinion, they didn't need to be strict with me because I was such an angel! :-) HA HA!

Anne said...

Emily - right on! Often times I will look around after I realize there's been a long period of silence and say "Anybody know where Katie (my 3rd) is?" .... no answer.
She is probably eating dog food, or playing with my glass serving bowls, or swishing her doll in the toilet....totally fends for herself.
Oh, well...mom is totally more laid back now! I gotta remember to be on top of things when she's a teenager!
Anne Dahmen

Jen said...

that's so funny. i was pretty laid back with bailey, #1 child, so it would seem crazy that i would be more laid back with maverick, #2 child, but i do believe it's true! #3 will probably just have free reign of eveything. oh now!!!

Jen said...

let me just clarify that i'm not currently pregnant, that i know of. i was speaking of #3 as a fictionary thing that could happen in the future!

Anonymous said...

Is it really 1 degree there?

Anne said...

More like 26 below zero (truly was last night...ew...)

Karen said...

So I saw on the news that Fargo, ND was at it's coldest! SO sorry for you guys.... They showed people throwing the hot water in the air and it freezing instantly... cool!