Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Hattie was ready to go in, as soon as we got out.

What a BIG BOY helper.

We got 4.4 inches of snow yesterday and the kids had a great time playing. Well, that's not true. Silas had a good time. And I couldn't resist posting the pics of Luke's blue eyes again.


Kelly H. said...

Those are some big blue eyes! So cute. This made me laugh b/c that picture of Hattie is SO a picture we would have of Lily in the snow. She would so not be interested in working that hard to play in the snow.

Jed said...

Man I wish it would snow some more here... It was like 75 degrees today... This winter seemed too short... Maybe it will turn cold once more before spring gets here.

Anonymous said...

The one of Luke in the hat is Jody Ben all the way. I can already tell that's the baller of the family who fears nothing.