Friday, February 8, 2008

The Library Book

We LOVE to check out library books.

Just a side note, its not a worldwide concept. In Uganda this group of people were trying to get a library together. But the problems they were running into were things like addresses. No one has one, so how would you collect books and fines that were due?? Plus the concept of borrowing and returning in the same condition was a tough one.

Anyways. My kids LOVE getting "new" books.

Well, back in like October, maybe it was November we lost this book. The Bat in the Boot. IT wasn't even a good book. I renewed it twice. Paid a few fines. I asked them to renew it one more time for me. I just knew it was here at our house. I have a strict policy of not taking library books out of our house. We don't play with them and we always take good care of them. We do sleep with them. But I had looked under and around all the beds.

So the book was overdue again. It was due on Jan 18. I had resigned to paying for the book. Its like $17 with a $5 processing fee, or something like that.

Why is it that when you stop looking for something you find it? Doesn't make any sense. But I was straightening out our storage closet and there it was in a tub with some other random stuff. I'm sure I put it there. I really can't blame anyone. Besides, no one is actually going to pick up around here.

I was so relieved to turn that book in today at the library. And of course to bring "new" ones home.


Jed said...

So did you actually pay for it before you found it? Or did you pay for and then take it back??

Jody and Emily Jennings said...

No. I hadn't paid for it yet. And I'm SO thankful. I would have just been sick.

Karen said...

What's the news I read on your friends blog? Are you abandoning the fridged north? You do know the Michigan is "on the way" to SC! ;) Please post details!