Tuesday, February 26, 2008

3 Years Ago

So this night, three years ago I was in labor with Hattie Ruth. We were in Nairobi, Kenya. I had eaten an eggplant dish (said to induce labor, and it worked for me). I went into labor at about 10pm and at 2am we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl with a head full of hair.

I've been thinking about the Mays (Dodd, Whitnee, Xan, Hannah, Austin, and Jessie) and Natalie West a lot today. I would have never survived that month at Hampton House, waiting for Hattie to be born with out them. Jody was in Uganda and I needed to be close the doctor. But I was terrified of being stuck in a hotel-type room with Silas who was almost 2 at the time. The Mays and Natalie took me in and made my time pass by so quickly.

My mom made the trip to Kenya for the birth. Jody, Natalie and my mom thought I was going to die as they watched me bleed without explanation. Poor baby Hattie was whisked away and left ALONE in the nursery as everyone on the floor attended to me.

What a night. But SO worth it. Hattie Ruth is a constant entertainment for our family. She is obsessed with girly things. She LOVES purple, princesses, changing clothes, anything miniature, make-up, shoes...sometimes I wonder if she's really mine! She's so much like her Aunt Holly.

Of course I know she's mine. The Ugandans always called her "the Photo-Copy". And people today still comment on how much she looks like her mommy.

3 Years old tomorrow, February 27 - Hattie Ruth, we love you!!!


jerry.jennings said...

Happy Birthday, Hattie Ruth. Maybe MaMa will bring you something when she comes to see you. Maybe it'll be purple, too. I remember seeing you for the first time when I came to Uganda. You were just a pretty little bundle of joy, and I knew right away that God had blessed the Jennings family again, for the umpteenth time. We haven't had an ugly baby yet. They are all beautiful or handsome. How could this be? God does all things well, and we are truly blessed. So have a good birthday tomorrow, Hattie Ruth, and just think, 2 more fingers and you'll be 5, a whole hand full. I love you very much.
Pop Pop

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday Hattie!!!! We have 2 presents waiting for you! :-)

Karen said...

I remember your mom telling me about Hattie's birth and all the scares. I bet Hattie wasn't REALLY alone in that room!
They grow up so quickly. She is a beautiful little lady. Hayden turns 3 on Monday... think Hattie would go for a younger man? :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hattie Ruth!!! Your birthday is also shared by my parents with their anniversary and my mother-in-law with her birthday. So you are in good company.

Jody and Emily make sure you spoil her rotten and enjoy every moment of it.


Jody and Emily Jennings said...

No, she really was alone in the nursery, until my friend Natalie realized it and told my mom and my mom went in there. ANyways, that what they tell me.

GE is me said...

Dear Emily, Happy labor day. Happy birthday to Hattie. I read your blog all the time & see all the things you post about that Hattie does. Wow. She is exactly 1 month older than my girls. I can't believe they're going to be 3 already! Where oh where has the time gone??? Some days I wish I had another baby & on the days I'm ready to kill them or e-bay them I'm thankful that I don't have another.
May y'all have a blessed day!

ellieandavasmommy said...

Happy Birthday, Hattie!!

Jed said...

this was a sweet blog!

Tasha Via said...

I haven't done blogs almost all week, but wanted to get a quick one for Areyna's Birthday. Then I came to read yours and we had the same title!! CRAZY. Anyway, I remember when I heard your delivery story. So thankful everything turned out the way it did. Happy B-Day Hattie=)

Peggy said...

Wow, so neat to hear Hattie's birth story! And she wasn't alone in that nursery - God's angels were crowded into that room! Thanks for sharing!

It seems like my Sara and your Hattie have a lot in common - including almost the same birthday!