Monday, September 15, 2008

Good News

Here is some good news:

- We've started telling Luke that he needs to stay in his bed in the morning and wait until mommy or daddy come and get him. He should be happy too, no crying. Its WORKING!

- I'm in the single digits with weeks remaining in my pregnancy! I've got to get ready!

- We are planning a camping trip, in the popup, when it gets cooler.

- Silas can write his last name and ride a two-wheel great now!

- Hattie LOVES her ballet class

- Luke cannot stop that good? I guess it is for a 2 yr old, but it just makes for long days and occasional headaches.

What about you? Got any good news to share?


Tasha Via said...

That is GREAT about Luke staying in bed!

Us, we're busy. God has really opened up some awesome doors for us lately!

Stacy said...

WOW! Your pregnancy is just whizzing right by for us! It seems just like yesterday that you told us about it! I'm getting excited for you! I'm also glad that Lukey is giving you more time in the morning to wake up! He's a smart little guy!

Jen said...

i can't believe you're that far along already. where has the time gone????

Stacy said...

The good news is that duck season opens in only 12 days!!!!!!!

Tell Jody he can come join me at the Tuttle for a couple of days;)


Pegsy said...

I love all your good news! Our good news for the day is that we met some new neighbours with 2 little girls - ages 6 and 3 - who also have a very nice, stay-at-home mommy!