Monday, September 22, 2008

Posting Problem

Stacy, I had a good long post about how I have become a clutz late in this pregnancy. How I made banana pudding and didn't secure it in the fridge and it slid out, and the gallon of tea slid out and I had a HORRIBLE mess all over the kitchen floor, nastiness UNDER the fridge. (Jody cleaned most of it up, THANKS YOU WONDERFUL MAN WHO NEVER READS THIS BLOG ANYWAY!) How spilled his cereal. How I dropped a huge stack of coupons, that were organized by date all other the floor. How it is just so darn hard to bend down and clean up all these things (not to mention toys, books, clothes, etc) But, I lost it. And I'm not going to type it all up again.

I'll post twice today, just for you!

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Stacy said...

Thanks man! Two posts in one day...........I feel pretty special! :-) I sure hated that pregnancy clumsiness! I remember having it when I was pregnant with Gage and working at Ben Franklin. I dropped things over and over and it was such a pain to stoop down to pick it up! I guess it's a good thing I wasn't working as a nurse at that time, huh? :-)