Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pains of Pregnancy

And now for a little complaining....

My hips are KILLING me!

God's design for childbirth is truly amazing. I life growing inside another is fascinating. But then the details surrounding it are mind boggling. Like the organ (placenta) that just forms to sustain the baby. Then there's the preparation for delivery. Don't worry, I will bore you the gruesome details.

Here's the thing. This hormone is only produced during pregnancy, especially during the last trimester. The point of this hormone, called relaxin, it to make the pelvic bone flexible. WHAT?? Its so weird to think a bone can become flexible, but its true. Its so that the baby can come through.

But the problem is it HURTS. And apparently more so with subsequent pregnancies, according to my doctor. It makes me feel like a handicapped person. Walking is painful. Getting in and out of the car is torture, as well as getting up out the bed or couch. If I sit still in a comfortable balanced position, I'm fine. But come on...

So, tylenol seems to ease the pain some. And lazy Saturdays are pretty awesome too! But, now its time to get lunch on the table.

Thanks for the listening ear...or my complaining!


Daniel, Anna, Emma, Kylie, Duncan, and Kellan said...

I’m literally feeling your pain :) Our fourth is due in six weeks and just walking up and down the stairs about does me in. I’m also ready to see what this little one looks like :)
I also live for Saturdays :)


Stacy said...

Just a few short weeks and you won't be complaining of flexible pelvic bones anymore, and it will be sleep deprivation! :-)

geisme said...

I so feel your pain sista'! I've only had 1 pregnancy, but I had twins & at the time I was pregnant, we lived on the third floor. I remember coming home from the hospital & it literally took me almost 10 minutes to walk up the 3 flights. And Stacy is right, a few short weeks & you'll be talking about the sleep deprivation. Although from the things I've read about Jody -I'm sure he relieve you of that as much as he can. (I know tough if you're breast feeding!)

jerry.jennings said...

Pick a day to be lazy, like on the week-end. Let Jody do everything. I know he won't mind, after knowing how much pain there is. Wow, I'll soon be pop-pop for the 8th time. Thank you much, in spite of the pain. It will be another miracle from God. Can't wait! Jerry Ben (alias Pop Pop Jerry)