Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Post Labor Day

Our labor day was full of labor and I LOVE that!!!

Thanks to my in-laws and husband we straightened up the basement, put up a shelf for the detergents and found where a yucky smell was originating from. A wet corner in the basement was making some baskets and carpet moldy. Oh the sense of accomplish!!

The clan headed back to GA after a free lunch from Chick Fil A. (Wear any college logo and get a 3 count chicken strips -- which are FABULOUS!!) Silas especially was sad to see "the cousins" go. But it was a great visit.

Today Silas went back to school. He was very excited because "after labor day I get homework".

Holly's boys and my dad came over for lunch while my mom went to a meeting (Holly's out of state for a couple of days). We picked up Silas and his homework was reading a book together. So we just finished that. He can read SO many words now and is very proud!

I also got a call from my OB. The nurse said my iron is very low, "if you've been exhausted, this is why." Well GREAT! At least I have an explanation for needing a nap!! I just have to start taking iron...which I've had to do with each of the 4 pregnancies. Oh well.

So we are off to my parents so Silas can see Elijah and Graham. And we'll eat supper and curb some of that "fixing supper and cleaning up" exhaustion! :)

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Tasha Via said...

What in the world are you going to do with yourself tomorrow???? Have a GREAT day=)