Saturday, June 9, 2007


Ok. I have a new mini-obsession. Its not really an obsession as much as an addiction. FaceBook is kind of like MySPace, but I like it way better. Its easier. I've found TONS of people on it that I haven't talked to or heard from in a long time. Its really fun. I really DON'T have time to be clicking here and there. I still need to unpack a BUNCH of stuff, but I keep coming back to the computer. I've found lots of Life Action people, North Greenville people, even a girl from 10th grade when I went to highschool in Miami. If you don't have time to waste, DON'T get started.

My super sister-in-law Jerre started a blog. Jerre, I hope you are better than your brother at blogging. I miss you guys so much.

Ok. Let me check facebook one more time. Of course as soon as I get up from the computer and start something constructive, someone will wake up from nap. Jody took Silas fishing, so its me and the 2 little ones.


Jerre said...

So thanks for the shout out for my blog! Glad ya'll got home ok! Wish you were back in GA already!

Jen said...

Em - I'm addicted to Facebook, too! It's been so fun to see old pictures and see people's kids and all that stuff. So know I'm right there with you!! Where is that bathtub at your parents' house? I don't remember it, but it's been a good while since I've been in a bathroom at their house.

Karen said...

Thanks a LOT! Like a need another obession! I got on facebook for the first time after reading your post... I was able to contact Tara and James Rose so that was nice to get back in touch with someone else!

sethdean said...

the excitement will wear off. Trust me! It just becomes something else you got to check along with myspace, email, blog, etc... Passwords get all jumbled up.