Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday, Monday

I don't usually have bad Mondays. One day is pretty much the same as the next. What I do everyday doesn't change. But today was just a bad Monday.

They all got up early. By 7 am all 3 kids were in our room. Jody left for his office and there I was. Luke laid down for a nap at about 9:30 and was awake at 10:0something. I let him cry for a little while, but finally gave up and got him. During that 30minutes, I did finish getting dressed, did the breakfast dishes and got the kids clothes put away (the clothes from LAST week's laundry).

I can't even remember what all I did and didn't do before I fixed lunch and fed the kids.

I got all 3 down for naps. Well, Silas doesn't sleep, but I threaten him with all sorts of punishments if he doesn't rest quietly.

But 30mins later, Luke was crying again. At one point I was crying. And praying. Knowing that a baby's naptime isn't on a list of International Crisis', but it was on the TOP of mine. Plus just the thought of all the STUFF in the garage that needs to find a home, it overwhelmed me. Silas came up to go to the bathroom. This time I let Luke cry, knowing he had to be exhausted. He did finally fall back asleep.

I got a few things done. Hattie and Silas were up a little after 3pm so I got Luke up and we got in the car. We did some errands and I have to say, the kids were SO good. We got stuff done. My super friends Scott and Stacy gave us a twin mattress for Hattie. She happily went to bed in a BIG GIRL bed with pink sheets.

I guess Monday wasn't THAT bad...but I am SO glad its over.

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Scott said...

I'm so sorry you had a bad day! I sure couldn't tell when we were there. Remember to flip back through that awesome book Healthy Sleeping Habits, Happy Child. It was a life-saver for me, and I remember you said you have that book. Also, remember, it won't hurt Lukey to cry. I remember the first time I let Gage cry, and it lasted for a dreadful 30 minutes. Same with Emma. He will continue to cry, unless you let him "cry it out", and he knows that you aren't going to give in and come "rescue" him. Hope your Tuesday is better than your Monday! Good luck with the naps tomorrow! Stacy