Thursday, June 7, 2007


We made it. I am SO relieved.

We left SC at 5pm EST and arrived in Bismark at 11pn CST. Tired is an understatement for how we felt.

But the kids were so good. No meltdown or fits. Not even a lot of crying to speak of. Hattie fell into the isle and was hanging upside down at one point. The man across from the isle tried to help and picked her up. She scowled at him for a long time. Apparently she's not much for good samaritans.

Silas was highly entertained by Aunt Joy's Gameboy. THanks Aunt Joy for lending it to him.

Luke was his usual agreeable self.

All 3 were asleep when we arrived in Bismarck. That was interesting trying to get them to wake up and walk, when it felt like midnight to their little bodies. BUt they all perked up when they saw their daddy.

Jody had cleaned up the house and really had it looking nice. Just in time for us to dump our stuff and give it that "preschool lived in look" that we are always going for.

A huge rain storm passed thru and it rained all day.

Our front yard has grass...I'm so happy. Its a beautiful bright green.

So, we are thrilled to be HOME. Thanks for all the prayers and dreadful thoughts. Chalk another adventure up on the wall.