Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jody's flight

We were sad, taking Jody to the airport this afternoon. We were just about to the airport when we realized we didn't pack the phone cord and a couple of other things. None of them DIRE, but I decided to drop Jody off and run back home in time to get back to give Jody the stuff. (We don't live too far from the airport at all really).

So, I go speeding off, praying we'd make it back. Then Jody called me. I was about half way home and could only hear the phone, it had fallen. I was going a little crazy. Hattie said, I prayin' mama. Silas said, me too, mom. I pulled into the median, and found the phone.

Jody said, come back and get me. I was like, WHAT??? Are you kidding? He said, no, my flight is canceled, come back and get me. I'm taking the early flight tomorrow morning.

Apparently, Northwest is having some staff/crew problems. They are canceling a lot flights, and Jody's was one of them. Here is an article I found.

So, we got Jody for one more night and HOPEFULLY he will get on the 5am flight tomorrow morning and make to Warner Robins in time for Andy's rehearsal...

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Andy said...

Umm...yeah, that would be nice if he could get here. :) Thanks for letting him come down and share in this with me.