Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mr Fix-it

When Jody and first got married, he wasn't what you'd call handy. He's more mouthy. Ha. Tell me that is not true.

But what many of you don't know is how much he has changed in his handy skills area.

He says its b/c Uganda was a steep learning curve. Our friend Buck said, that sounds more like a learning cliff. Its true. Jody had to do everything while we were in Uganda. One time we called the plumber. The plumber arrived on a bike, with a crowbar and pipe-wrench. Jody quickly realized he was as skilled as most in our town.

Tonight he came home from work and before coming home he went to Menards (a Home Depot type store). He brought deck stain and a spray pumper thing. He applied that. Then he put a shower caddy together for the tub. Then he put up a curved shower rod.

Oh I love it. The bathroom is pretty small. And this new rod makes the shower seem so much roomier. Its great.

I'm so proud of my hubby. He's come a long way.


Jen said...

good for jody,but i think i'll always be the handy person at our house! i don't think i'll ever hear menards without thinking of jody and the guys on the people mover making fun of that name.

Jerry said...

I had no doubt that he could do these things one day. God gave us brains, and we just need to exercise them. I remember how conservative I used to be (compared to now, I guess). I was NOT going to pay a plumber (or whoever) $100 when I could do it for $5. Of course, there were times I spent almost that messing up the project. I always looked at things this way; if someone else can do it, I can too. Of course, working in a big organization on the AF Base, I sought out hints and helps from co-workers. But now with the internet, help is right there in your home. Jody has a good brain, and I know he can do it. And I know Africa did help, especially the attitude. They could do so much with so little tools, it was truly amazing. I can't wait to see your home one day. Love yall. Jerry Ben (Dad)