Friday, June 8, 2007

Oh well

I think the kids are happy to be home. They've just enjoyed their space and their stuff the last couple of days.

When we moved up to ND, Silas completely stopped taking naps. I mean from Oct - May, he took, I think 3 naps in the pm and each time he was very sick. While on vacation, he slept EVERYDAY. It was so weird. I know there were different stimulations and such, but I was shocked that it happened again and again. Yesterday and today, here at home, NO NAP. Oh well. It was very nice while it lasted.

While on vacation, Hattie did amazing with her potty training. Joy, my sister, convinced me to get her Dora pull-ups. Hattie loved them and kept them dry a lot of the time. We didn't bring any panties, I didn't want to mess with wet panties. So yesterday and today, Hattie wanted to wear her panties. She peed in them 3 times, and not just a little. Even after recently using the potty. Oh well.

The last few days of our vacation Luke was exceptionally fussy. He's generally very happy. Holly, my other sister, diagnosed an ear infection. He was waking up more, screaming when I laid him down, I noticed his first teeth breaking thru the surface. This one I am glad about, relief is in sight for him.

As far as unpacking from our trip and the big move, its not going great. I'm pretty overwhelmed and the kids aren't exactly cooperating with me. I feel like I get going on an area and get called away. Oh well. That'll come eventually.

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