Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Aren't obsessions weird? Holly blogged today about her little guy, Elijah, being obsessed with her hair. Steven blogged about his obsession with preaching. It got me to thinking about my family.

Hattie's thing right now is the purple comb. She LOVES anything purple and my well-meaning friend Lisa came across a purple comb and hair things and gave them to Hattie. She sleeps with the thing. She combs everything she can get close to. Lukey, her bald baby dolls...

Silas loves the next thing. Whatever that is. He can't let the idea of whatever it is that we have said we are going to do go. Read a book, watch a show on TV, go to the zoo in 4 days...he'll always ask, um, is that the next time I wake up? I think in that way, he like my sister Joy. Joy is always ready to move on. Change is a GREAT thing. (not to ME, though)

Luke is into 2 things: mommy and food. When I leave his sight, the separation anxiety kicks in and he's a basket case. When the food is gone, he goes NUTS. Poor guy. Its like he thinks I'm leaving and never coming back and he just experienced the last supper.

Jody's into the dustbuster. I love the dustbuster too, but he is downright funny about it. He thinks it is like the all-purpose cleaner. He uses it like its the only tool he needs. I should take a pic of him hunched over getting crumbs under the table. We do have a BROOM.

ME, I'm perfect. Yeah right. I've already admitted to my facebook addiction. I check that thing so often. I also live in this mind game of ifs. "IF I could get some unpacking done in the garage..."and it just doesn't happen. But I think about it all the time.

I know everyone has little oddities and they change from time to time. Got any funnies to tell me about, whether it's you or your kid or "someone" you know?


Karen said...

My family LIVES by OBESSIONS! Or at least my husband does... it's always the newest thing... Right now he's obessed with bamboo of all things. He wants to find a variety that can grow up here (of which he says there are several varieties). In the winter it's skiing, in the spring golf (although not recently) in the fall-Paintball. Carter is JUST LIKE HIM and right now is consumed with wanting to learn to water ski! Hayden and Wyatt just want mommy and I'm with you and facebook and blogging! ;)

elliesmommy said...

Ellie is obsessed with pink right now, so she's not real happy that her room is going to be decorated with red ladybugs...but her big obsession is her "tam-pa-tine" (trampoline). Everytime we mention our new house, she starts telling about her "tam-pa-tine" and how she wants to be on it "all day"!

I'm obsessed with what we're going to put in our new house and Jeff is obsessed with me starting my new job?!? :-)

Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

Jeff's obsession would have to be the CUBS!
Daniel's would be paintball.
Joel's would be music of any kind.
Amy's would be whining.
Lauren's is spending time with friends.
Emily's changes often.
Mine is blogging and reading everyone else's.

Jed said...

Thanks to you I am obsessed with facebook too.... Prior to that I was and still am obsessed to learning how to use my MAC and making it "work for me" like everyone says it should...My ultimate obsession though is organizing my classroom... I want everything in there to be just right and spic and span.... I may need to see a psychologist about it...

Peggy said...

Oh, I'm so excited to hear about another child who's just like my Sara! Sara is TOTALLY obsessed with "the next thing" like Silas! It gets so bad that I just don't even tell her things until just minutes before it actually happens! Then it's like, "Get your shoes on, we're leaving for the zoo!" Sky is obsessed with his clothes and being clean and neat - I know, not normal for a three year old boy! I'm with Jodi on the Dustbuster too! I'm a HUGE fan! To me, the broom and dust pan is far too complicated! Other than Facebook and blogging, I'm obsessed with clean children! And for Joshua, his obsession would have to be the lawn and yard right now! In the winter it would be skiing!