Saturday, June 2, 2007

Oh Atlanta

I just LOVE Alison Krauss, the blue grass singer. One of my favorites is "Oh Atlanta".

Yesterday we left Hawkinsville and Jody's family. Its always sad to leave. I didn't cry this time...I almost did, I had that lump in my throat. I hate leaving. I hate leaving Jody's grandmother who is 93. I hate seeing Jody's mom hug my kids so tight. My sister-in-law, Jerre is one of my best friends. I could take or leave her husband, Roman -- JUST KIDDING. I even love Roman. Their 4 kids are the best, or their new title "the cousins". And my father-in-law, Jerry is I think the nicest man I know and such a godly example to us. I know its crazy how much I love my inlaws, but I just do.

So we left to take Jody to the airport in Atlanta. It was busy and nuts, I dropped him off and squeezed thru the traffic. When I was 20 mins down the trafficed road, my phone rang. I went to pick it up and that wasn't the phone ringing. I had BOTH cell phones, mine and Jody's. My heart sank.

My mind was reeling. How was I going to make it till Wednesday without being able to talk to Jody. I have to be able to vent to him about how bad the kids are or whatever is going on. I like to remind him of things he needs to do...I don't know if he likes that, but I do. Ha.

Well, today he got to a phone. He made it to Bismarck. He went to Verizon and got a temporary fix for a phone. Thank you Lord.

So I'm in Greenville until Wednesday. Single mom, staying with my parents. This should be good.

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