Monday, November 19, 2007


Ok, this is weird.

Luke loves his belly button. He LOVES it. Its his little comfort mechanism. My nephew Elijah likes other people's hair. My friend's daughter Megan loves other people's ears. Luke likes his "be-button"

Tonight when I was going to put pajamas on him he said NO and ran away. I knew what he was saying. He doesn't like the zip up kind. He wants separates where he can raise his shirt and fiddle with his belly button. He wants access to his belly button.

Isn't that weird?


Erin said...

I used to babysit for a little boy who liked to hold MY nose (or the nose of whoever was laying with him) while he fell asleep. It was so funny! At least Luke is getting comfort from his belly button instead of someone else's! LOL!

Tiffany said...

I'm really laughing right now because 1.visiting your site makes me reminsce of my "old days" (or just last week) when I used the polka dot template. I screwed mine up somehow so I just changed it. 2. I too have a son named Luke (21 months old) but here is the kicker....3. He LOVES his belly button. We have decided he is a very "physically driven" child because he has LOVED his thumb since day #1, he LOVES his "button" and if I am holding him, his free hand usually makes it to my neck where he feels the need to "feel" it. So funny...what makes little people tick.

ellieandavasmommy said...

You should get him the "Belly Button Book". I can't remember the author and it's in Ellie's bedroom right now - she's sleeping, but I can look it up if you want. It's by the same people that wrote "Barnyard Dance", I think. Anyway, they call it a "BEBO" :-)

Travis said...

Brayden plays with his bellybutton, in fact, it has become red and sore, so we have to put onsies on him to prevent it, but he still touches the area even with the shirt over him.

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