Monday, November 12, 2007

on the mend

Hattie is feeling better. Thanks for all the concern and prayers. She's still not back to her normal self, but the fever's gone. She's not eating much at all. Which, is very different from normal. But at this point I think SnowCat is eating more than Hattie.

Oh, I do have3 ONE cool thing. My Grama "B" is 93 years old today. She is amazing. She just moved into an assisted living apartment with her dog, YoYo. She is very healthy. She loves Jesus. She prays for us faithfully. She really is an example to me. My dad said growing up she was always "taking someone in". They had numerous friend and relatives living with them. She has taken care of SO many, outliving them all. I sure hope I can live a full life like she has. Happy Birthday Grama B. (even though she won't be reading this, she says she's too old for computers. I guess at 93 she can be too old for whatever she wants to be. And along that line, Jody says she should be able to eat however and whatever she wants.)

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Stacy said...

AMEN! She definitely should be able to eat and do whatever she wants! I hope if I live to be that age, I am still able to do those things and not depending on Scott or the kids to turn me every two hours to prevent sores on my butt! :-)