Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Not too bad

Well, I made it to Sioux Fall, SD. Whew!! (I'm using a different computer and it has !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, my exclamation key doesn't work)

We took Silas to preschool. Hattie, LUke and I went to MOPS. Then we went back and picked up Silas. We went to our house to go to the bathroom, and eat real quick and by 12:30pm, we were on the interstate.

Luke and Hattie slept a little, Silas watched DVD's and I listened to a sermon and book on tape and talked on the phone. We stopped once, outside of Fargo. I came close to running out of gas. There are some LONG stretches of no gas stations on these Dakota roads.

We arrived in Sioux Falls a little after 6 pm. We met Jody and Ryan for dinner. And since Hattie and Luke were so tired, I skipped out on the meeting and put them to bed. Silas went with Ryan and Jody and they aren't back yet. It took Luke and Hattie a while to fall asleep in a strange room, but they are out now.

What a long day!