Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mr Fix-it

My sister-in-law (the one who missed the opportunity to try and get on OPRAH's Favorite Things Show, and the only sister-in-law that I have) has eluded that my life is sometimes like a sitcom. The other day I felt like it too.

I went to go out into the garage and the door knob wouldn't turn. I was locked in. I had to go out the front door, push the garage door button on Jody's keychain and go into the garage to get something out of my car. And it was cold outside.

Jody looked at it and couldn't figure it out. We had some people over last Wednesday and these guys fiddled with it and fixed it.

Then on Sunday, I got the kids all buckled in the car and when I went to go BACK in the house, the door knob was doing that thing again. It turned, but wouldn't open the door. I was SO mad, I kicked the door. That didn't help. (I'd love to say it did, since I work out at the Y, you know). I was like, oh well, I'll go in the front door. But lo and behold, for some reason (I still do NOT know) my front door key was not on my key ring. I just went on to church without going back inside.

I had to wait for JOdy to come home (after church) to get in the front door.

Monday (yesterday) we all went out the front door and around the house into the garage.

Then, last night, Jody bought a new door knob and replaced the old one. I'm so proud of him for being able to do that. Have you ever looked at a door knob? THey don't just come off.

Now, the next project I have for Mr Fix-it is the arm rest to the driver's seat in my van. It is currently hanging limply downward. And I'm getting pretty ticked when I want to lean my elbow on it. Unfortunately it looks like a doorknob, the way it connects into the seat.


Stacy said...

The other day I got locked in the spare bedroom (you know the one that I hide presents in), when we were messing around with the Junie B. books (I think I told you about that) Anyway, I was starting to get nervous, as the only other way out that room is through the window, which is a second story window! Finally I got it open. I've had the same thing happen with my bedroom door.

Travis Duke said...
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Tiffany said...

Wo..Travis...that was a long one! Anyways, since we are on door knobs and getting locked in/ out...the other day I was loading the kids in the car and my oldest (turned 3 in Oct) was putting her shoes on in the house in front of the door to the garage. You following me? Well, she shut the door while I was strapping her brother in and it was locked. Yikes!!!! After a long conversation through the door on how to turn the lock, we moved to the deck and continued a long conversation through the deck door. She wasn't able to unlock either doors but she was able to unlock the window that had no screen in it (Thank you Jesus!!!)...and crank it open for me to crawl through. Pheww!!!!

Stacy said...

Tiffany's story made me think of another wonderful door locking story. It happened just after we moved into our house here in Bismarck. I didn't really know many of the neighbors very well. I had gone outside into the garage and apparently, when the door slammed shut (it is just a screen door with a wood frame), the little hook of the hook and eye lock flipped up and landed right into the eye. What luck! It was definitely too high for Gage to reach. I hadn't used the front door yet that day so it was still locked from the night before. I didn't know what to do. Gage was just 2. I didn't want to cut the screen on the door either. I went around to the windows and I had no idea how they even came off. I tried taking the bolts out of the hinges to pry the door open that way. I got the bottom one out, but couldn't get the top one out, and there was no way I could reach my arm that far. I sat on the step crying while Gage was in the house wondering what the heck was going on. I couldn't get inside to call Scott, AND we hadn't been there long enough for me to even know his number if I did have access to a phone. All of the neighbors I knew were at work. Then, God sent me a little miracle. It just so happened that the MDU power guy was coming to check out our furnace. I had to have him help me break into my own house! He was able to get the other bolt out of the hinge and pry it open enough for me to get a stick up to the lock and unhook it. Praise the Lord! It's not a good day when you have to ask the power guy to help you break into your own house!!! Needless to say, we soon figured out that it is important to put the eye part on the door and the hook on the frame that doesn't move!! What are the odds of that happening? I wonder how many years it was like that and then it happened to me?

Anonymous said...

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Travis said...