Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Decorating

So, my friend Karen has already put up her decorations. I know my mother-in-law would be working on it (she puts up like 13 trees) if it hadn't been for her fall from a LADDER. On Veteran's Day, apparently we missed the memo that that was the day to put lights up on your house.

What is your tradition? Do you put your Christmas stuff up around Thanksgiving? Do you put much up? I'm just dreading all the NO-NO's I'm going to be saying. But yet, I LOVE Christmas trees and music and all that.


Tasha Via said...

Thanks for the advice=) We're gonna nail it down between Thanksgiving and Christmas I hope.

Jerre said...

I hope to have my tree up the weekend after thanksgiving. I have put a tree on top of a table before to keep kids and animals off! Oh and by the way, Oprah show comes on Tuesday, everyone was sworn to secrecy about what they got, but I heard a refrig with a TV in it, and a camcorder. I am still sick about it!!

Jed said...

I actually just put the tree up tonight... It is a pre-lit and it is pretty big so I just put the tree up tonight and got the lights all connected. It is kinda like a puzzle. I will decorate a little each day between now and Thanksgiving. BTW..I am SOOOOO Jealous it snowed..according to the weather channel yall are about to get some more.