Saturday, November 10, 2007


We got home last night around 8:30pm. It was nice to be home. And we were all so tired.

Hattie has been sick. I can't remember if I wrote about her fever or not. But since she wasn't getting any better, I took her in to the After Hours Clinic. We were there about all morning. Man, I am glad I took her in. The doctor says it looks like she has the beginnings of pneumonia and a possible urinary tract infection. She's on an antibiotic now. She's been so pitiful. Hopefully we are on the mend now.

Jody is VERY excited about church tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see how it all goes.


Karen said...

Poor little girl! I can understand how you feel! Both Carter and Hayden had pneumonia last week! Hope everyone else stays well!

Deborah Boitnott said...

I enjoyed reading your blog this morning. Isn't it scary when you start saying things like your mother? mom