Saturday, January 5, 2008

Everybody out!

First let me say, thanks for the suggestions on the pictures. I did end up printing them one hour before I went scrapbooking. I don't mind doing that its just that I always think of so late I feel pressured. Well, I printed enough to get me through for a while. I had a great time and got like 6 pages done. LOVE IT!

So, I had all the kids in the tub. They love being in there together, they never want to get out. So tonight I started to drain the water and walked out of the bathroom to get pj's ready. Then I hear screaming. Then I hear, "Luke pooped...aaaaaaah" etc. I run in there and Silas and Hattie had jumped out of the tub. I grabbed Luke (I must have screamed because Luke got scared and started crying. I know he had NO clue what was going on.). Then I cleaned out the poop. Gross I know. But I was able to pick it up with tp once the water drained out and flush it right down the toilet.

The thing is I didn't believe Silas because he claims that Luke pooped in the tub about once a week. He never has pooped in the tub before, but I think Silas remembers Hattie doing it about 1 1/2 yrs ago.

After the fact I got tickled and started laughing about it and thought I had to share yet another sitcom experience from the Jennings household.


Jerre said...

Thats funny, I've been there done that. You know life is a sitcom, I guess that's how come Hollywood keeps making new ones, becasue that's life, and you just have to laugh at things like that, to keep from crying or going crazy!!

Tasha Via said...

It's that warm water...hahahahaha