Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rainbow Dash

Allright, so I've mentioned at least twice before that Hattie is extremely attached to the my little pony, Rainbow Dash, ugly baby thing she got for Christmas. Her love for this thing has only increased. She carries it around all the time, plays with it constantly, it is kind of annoying.

Well today it got dirty again and I threw it in the wash. Then without thinking I threw it in the dryer. It didn't even occur to me that I had done anything different until I pulled it out of the dryer. The main and tail are all shriveled up and knotted and matted. Hattie took it and looked at it and said, I don't like it that way.

Now the favorite toy has no voice box (from the throw up incident) and shriveled up hair. Walmart is out of stock. So I think I will just order a new one from amazon. Its only $15. I've got one in my cart. I guess I should just do it, right??


Stacy said...

Poor Rainbow Dash. I'm sure Hattie didn't like that melted mane. Good thing for Amazon if Walmart is out of them!

Jed said...

Hey... to put your pic in the header blogger just go to edit and they have added a feature to just insert it. Let me know if you need help... BTW I hope you bought a new Rainbow Dash... Poor Hattie!

ellieandavasmommy said...

I would probably buy the pony...BUT it WOULD be a great way to get rid of an annoying toy...something we're always looking to do! :-)

Peggy said...

Awww, I think the pony is actually pretty cute! Sara has the pink one, but she's not nearly as attached.