Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hit and Run

Friday Jody was leaving our neighborhood and the road was slippery (it was snowing). He lost control and swerved into this guy's yard, knocking over a little tree. The tree was so small it was being supported by wires and splints.

So, Jody left a note on the door with his phone number and an apology.

Then, this morning (2 days later) a policeman called Jody regarding "the hit and run". Yes, he REALLY said that. After church the policeman came over and got all of our insurance information and the story according to Jody. He didn't give Jody a ticket but said to check in about a week and see what the outcome was. The policeman said that Jody shouldn't be charged with Hit and Run.

I am just glad that all this happened to Jody and not ME.


MAWMAW said...

Sounds like Jody and I need to stop driving for a while or maybe go to driving school! HA! And, don't you just love the "system" for accident reports now---call in 5-7 days for your accident report!!! What happened to old fashioned tickets?! I thought computers were supposed to SPEED things up! I have to call for my report on Wed or Thurs. and my wreck was on Sat. Just thankful that no one was hurt in ND or GA

Karyn said...

Emily, Your blogs always make me laugh. I miss you guys sooo much! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure Jody wasn't drag racing while this was going on? :)


Scott said...

I guess he was supposed to leave his car right there in their front yard until they came home so as not to "leave the scene". Dumb! That would have been pretty funny to have a car parked in their yard when they came home!

Tell him if he gets a ticket I'll represent him in traffic court:)

Anonymous said...

Is this kind of like the time he thought he could get through the big puddle(during the flodd of 94). These things always happen when he is by himself. hmmmmmm.


Mylinda said...

Hey Emily,
What's the grocery game you mentioned in my blog comments? Sounds fun. And, does it cost $1? Send me a link. I didn't see anything on Money Saving Mom like that. LMK Thanks.

Peggy said...

Maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but you guys have the funniest and weirdest things happen to you!! I love your blog!