Monday, January 21, 2008

What's in a name?

Feeding the pigs and testing their snacks too.

Polar Bear and Victor

The pre-dryer pony

Smart boy already.

We have this friend in Uganda. We met him when he was assigned by the guard company as our "night watchman". He told us his name was Iya Jacob. He was from Northern Uganda and was working to send money home to his wife and daughter. Jody led him to the Lord and it was AMAZING to see him grow in his faith.

Jacob's wife and daughter moved to our town. Irene has a countenance unlike any other. Their daughter's name was Jaqueline, and when she was about 2 they changed her name to Josephine. When we asked why they said that she was named after an aunt who was turning into a bad women. Well after knowing him over 2 years, Jacob's brother came to visit. HIS name was Iya Jacob. It turns out that our Iya Jacob's name is Bangi Samson. He used his brother's name to get a job because he had a diploma. That cracked us up.

I say all this because I was reminded of this today when Silas changed his guinea pigs name from Squeaky to Victor. He doesn't have a reason, he just thinks the name Victor is a nice name.

Enjoy the pictures.

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