Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The List

I try and keep a running list of stuff I need to buy. Sometimes I lose that list and start another one. Today thankfully I had my original list.

Sometimes my list is just the basics. Milk, fruit, bread...

Then there's days like today. I needed everything. I needed deodorant, napkins, paper plates, soap, chocolate chips, chocolate drink mix (anything to get Hattie to drink more milk), pasta, etc.

I hate that I handle the groceries like 5 times. Off the shelf, onto the conveyor belt, back into the cart, into the car, into the house, put them away.

I do sometimes order my groceries on the internet. Don't think I'm crazy for taking 3 kids to the store. Its doable and good for them anyway, they need to learn good public behavior.

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Kelly H. said...

I'm with ya on bringing my kids to the store. The store near us doesn't offer online shopping, and I really don't mind bringing the crew-most days. They are good kids, but the only thing that drives me crazy is the "Can we have..." I feel like I say no the whole time! But they have learned what "on sale" means!