Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Bismarck Sports Show

For our family outing yesterday we went to the civic center where the Bismarck Sports Show is taking place. Jody and I each paid $3, the kids were free. There were campers, jet skis, hunting and fishing stuff...

I took my NEW stroller. I LOVE IT. It's orange and black, made by JOOVY. The baby carseat clips on the seat in the front and then there a bench in the back. If Hattie sits in the bench, Silas can stand on the little platform. Its great.

There was a "fish pond" for kids to fish. The kids get a pole and bait (I guess they had run out of minnows or whatever they were using and resorted to bologna). They fish over this big kiddie pool. There were lots of fish in there, but either they don't go for bologna, or they were sick of being caught. Silas started to cry after 20 mins or so because he couldn't catch a fish. So, what's a pre-schooler to do?

Of course, reach in and try to grab one. He couldn't reach down far enough, but his sleeves were soaked.

The default was the net. A worker came buy, helped Silas scoop up a fish in the net and Silas got to touch the fish he caught.

All for a RIP OFF of $3.

But I did find one great deal. The zoo offers a yearly membership for $50. I had already decided that we were going to buy one, but at the Sports Show, we got our admission off the price, so we got our membership for $46. Yay.

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